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Project Manager - plugin for Geany

Author: Marek Wardzinski (emvi)

E-mail: emvi (at) emvi eu org

License: GNU General Public License

Project Manager is a plugin for Geany, which let you manage projects. It show information about many projects, let you switch between them and do operations with project files. Every project has its own configuration with list of all project files and list of files opened in editor. Switching between projects automaticaly closes edited files and opens files from new selected project. This plugin let you searching texts in all project files.


Geany Project Manager 0.2 (sources)

Geany Project Manager 0.1 (sources)

Compile and install:

Sources of Geany must be patched by downloaded patch. Then you must go to main Geany sources directory and do


script with optional parameters (ex. --prefix=/usr). Next you must go to plugins/project_manager directory and do

make install

with root priviledges. Now if you run Geany you can see Project_manager on the list of available plugin. Files must be uncompressed to pidgin/plugins directory of Pidgin sources. Then you must go to root directory of Pidgin sources and run



Geany Project Manager activation To start plugin you must go to Tools->Plugin Manager menu and click checkbox in Active column and Project Manager row on list of plugins.


Geany Project Manager preferences Click on Preferences button to open plugin settings window. In preferences window you can edit masks for five groups of files. They will be used to import files to project. Masks are delimited by semicolon.


Geany Project Manager sidebar This plugin adds new page named Projects to sidebar. Projects page include a tree with projects and theirs files. First level of tree are names of loaded projects. Current opened project name is highlighted in bold. Second level of tree are groups of files:

Third level of tree are names of files added to groups.

If the mouse is over a file, the hint with path to that file is shown. Path is relative to base path of project.

If any file doesn't exist, their name is grayed.

Double click on file opens the file in editor or activates page if the file is already opened. Double click on project name switch to that project. All edited files are closed and files edited in new selected project are opened.


Geany Project Manager main menu This plugin adds new group named Project in main menu. There are:

Geany Project Manager sidebar menu Right mouse click on sidebar opens menu with all above options and additionally:

Geany Project Manager editor menu This plugin extends editor popup menu about:

Project properties:

Geany Project Manager project properties Project properties window contains two fields:

Import files to project:

Geany Project Manager import files Import files window contains list of files with groups to which files are clasified and options to let you to change:

When this window is opened, it contain default settings:

You may change sorting order by clicking on column headers. You may change selection group of every file right clicking on file and selecting group. You may select many files on list and change theirs group at ones. If you select import from one directory only, you can navigate between directories. Double click on directory will go to that directory. You can even go up to root directory.

Warning: changing any import options restores default group selection of all files.


Geany Project Manager searching Searching window contains field for text and two options:

Searching result will be set in messages page named Find. Blue line contains file name and path, where text is found. White line show result line with number of this line in file. Double click on result line in Find page will open file in editor and store coursor in found line.

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